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Sultry Sitara on Editing Tools for PC & Android Users

Hi! I’m Sitara, and I’m a phone sex operator and content creator. I remember getting into adult content creation, and I didn’t have much money to invest in software for content editing. I had (and still have) a PC and Android, and most advice I saw for content creation was geared to sex workers with Macs or iPhones. If you’ve got a PC or Android, and you’re looking to step up your content editing game, scroll for the best apps I use to make my content!

Android Apps for Image, Audio, and Video Editing

GIF Maker-Editor : I personally use this free app for all my GIFs! It doesn’t leave a watermark and maintains the quality much better than some sites online I’ve tried. It takes your videos and makes them into high quality GIFs. You can add filters, text, crop the dimensions and length, and so on. Would highly recommend!

Video Editor & Video Maker – InShot : This free app is great for editing videos, adjusting frames, adding text, and more! It gets me through my video editing in no time! It might take some getting used to and playing around with, but so far, I prefer this app for editing any video on my Android!

Voice Recorder : I personally love this free app better than what my phone has since it records my audio in .mp3 format, allows me to edit the file, and gives you the option to pause recording then resume without starting a new file. The ads are also not super intrusive. As you’re recording, you can see how long you’ve been recording and the size of your file as well!

B612 : This free app is great for editing pictures and videos! B612 has several filter options, makeup options, and stickers. The ads are not too intrusive for me, and I find this app to be super easy to use! Note that it does leave a watermark (but you can crop it out to remove it).

ImgPlay : This free app does wonders for making GIFs from photos, bursts, or videos! You can crop, add filters, adjust the length, and more! Note that it does leave a watermark (but you can crop it out to remove it).

PC Software for Video and Audio Editing

Pinnacle Studio 24 : There are actually a few versions of Pinnacle Studio, so I would recommend browsing through this site to see what option works best for you since there isn’t a free version available. Pinnacle Studio 24 is the latest version, but also requires the latest PC specs to operate. Check to see if your laptop is compatible before purchasing. Pinnacle Studio 24 is well known for its audio editing abilities, visual effects, GIF creation, and more!

Filmora from Wondershare : Filmora offers a free version and then a yearly subscription for the upgraded version. Filmora is pretty compatible with older PCs and offers many features in the free version, such as screen recording, motion effects, video stabilization, and more. I would recommend downloading the free version, see if you like it, and then consider the paid version!

DaVinci Resolve Studio : Another top of the line video editor, DaVinci Resolve has a free version and a paid version (Studio is the paid version). DaVinci brands itself as providing your all-in-one “professional 8K editing, color correction, visual effects and audio post production” needs. Like with Filmora, I would recommend downloading the free version, see if you like it, and then consider the paid version! (Or download both for free and edit on both to test the waters!)

Levelator : If you love creating audio files like I do, Levelator will do wonders for your audio. It only accepts .wav and .aiff files, but don’t let that stop you from using this. Levelator normalizes your voice in that audio clip, making it sound streamlined and crisper. It’s a free tool that I highly recommend for more professional sounding audio files.

Audacity : If you create audio files, you need Audacity. From audio splicing to audio effects and importing multiple files at once, Audacity is a free tool that can help your audio sound super professional. It supports multiple file types and has an extensive online support community, too. I love using Audacity for my audio files!

To all sex workers, you can do it! Learning to use new software is never easy. Yet, you can use this as a learning experience that can be lots of fun and help you out tons for your future content and promotion! I support you. Now go break your payout goals! ☺

This article was written by Sultry Sitara, if you’d like to contribute to the AP Lounge, please get in touch via email.

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