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Sultry Sitara on Ways to Use Extra Content

Hi! I’m Sitara, and I’m a phone sex operator and content creator. I love getting ready to create all sorts of content, video, audio, and picture sets. It’s so much fun getting dressed up, planning my outfits, setting up my place. Whenever I record content, I always make extra content just in case, and sometimes, I find myself with too much extra content. In this article, I’m going to go provide some tips and tricks to use that extra content from your last content creation session (whether that was yesterday or a few years ago) and make it into something golden!

Never Delete Content

Whether it’s pictures, videos, audio files, GIFs, and so on, content can always be reused and reformatted for sale or for promotion. Often times as adult content creators, we can be super perfectionist, wanting our content to be the best out there, often leading us to delete tons of files seen as not good enough or not worth anyone’s money. Know that someone somewhere is looking for someone like you, and they will buy your content if they know it exists.

Keeping your files organized and properly named will save you hours of searching for that right file just when you need it to promote yourself or start selling your extra or old content!

More Promo Materials

I often use my extra content for promotional materials for my website, social media platforms, and mass online messaging to my customers. You can also make a small image from old pictures and extra content for your email signature, craft it into a multi-image banner or header (perfect for clip sites that require small banners), or keep it for a rolling stream of images for credits at the end of a clip. Extra video content can be used for extra video teasers, uploaded on a tube site, or given as a token of appreciate to your loyal customers.

Bundled Discounted Picture Sets

This is perfect for your older pictures and extra pictures from sessions. You’d be surprised as to how many customers love unedited pictures, whether they’re from a content creation set or your selfie stash. You can have a few picture sets marked at a discounted rate to lure in more customers and allow them to get a taste of your personality and specialties.

Behind the Scenes Videos

When you have extra content of you starting your camera while doing makeup, adjusting your ring light, making sure your outfit looks good, and so on, this is prime behind the scene footage! Many customers would love to see this side of you that seems natural and unscripted. You can also use behind the scenes videos to promote yourself and sell these videos in addition to the final video. Think of it as two pieces of content during one session. You can even make it a third piece of content by making the final video and the behind the scenes video a nice bundle deal.

To all sex workers, you can do it! There are always ways to reuse and profit from extra content! I support you. Now go break your payout goals!

This article was written by Sultry Sitara, if you’d like to contribute to the AP Lounge, please get in touch via email.

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