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Sultry Sitara on Handling Microaggressions

Hi! I’m Sitara, and I’m a phone sex operator and content creator. I remember when I was researching different careers in sex work, from stripping to camming to escorting, that I always wondered why there were so many categories for different races, but rarely a

TricksTreats on Sex Worker Safety

Make Your Boundaries Known It’s no secret that many sex workers have felt pressured during their career into situations they may not have been entirely comfortable with. And while this may seem to apply to those who sell in-person experiences, those who do work through

Jas & Jenna Explore Mental Health Tips During Quarantine

JENNA: Hello my name is Jenna Valentine and along side my friend BFF Jas we decided to give some advice on handling your well being during the world’s current events. We’re not doctors or mental health experts but we are two mentally unwell SW who

Jenna Valentine’s Self-Care Product Recommendations

As a sex worker for over a decade, I cannot count the number of times I have been too stressed to function. Slow days, weeks, not knowing if I’ll be able to pay my bills. Plus as someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, these

A Guide to Internet Safety

Let’s talk about internet safety. We want to make sure you are not getting tracked through website scammers, having high chances of getting viruses, and giving away your location through metadata! So let’s get into this. Browser Add-Ons First, I recommend getting an addon to

Protecting Yourself and Your Privacy

Whether you show your face or not, privacy is important to everyone – especially sexworkers. Doing live cam work, videos or a having a private Snapchat account you can run into some risks. Here are some tips and some things to look out for, if

Community and Sex Work by SheGodClaire

Having a sense of community is one of the most valuable tools a performer can have in sex work. Although there is a misconception that content creators are all competing against each other the truth is that we are peers and often times friends. Seeing

Sobriety in Sex Work by CelesteLuna

I started doing sex work 7 years ago but have only been doing sex work SOBER for 7 months. I never thought that I had any kind of problems with alcohol or drugs until February 2018 when an angry, drunken night sent me to the

Mental and Physical Health

Sex work can take a lot out of you. Even if you aren’t putting in the most physical labor, sitting in front of a computer screen for hours can take a toll. If you’re able, try to take an hour off of screen time before