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Gabysea on Creating an Experience for Custom Buyers

I love making customs! It’s literally making someone’s fantasies come to life and it feels amazing. I have been a begging schoolgirl, a girlfriend who misses her boyfriend, a slutty step-sister, the girl desperate to go for a wee. I have even been a giantess. People’s fetishes, kinks, and ideas are so varied, it’s phenomenal and still surprises me to this day. I like to think of it as something sacred and treat it as such. Someone is putting their trust in you by sending you the scenario that makes them dream. Putting it in your hands. You are now responsible for the whole experience. Will it be an amazing one or just a good one? Someone is entrusting their dream scenario to your care. It’s up to you to make it amazing.

Pricing & Timing

When you set your prices, make sure what your clients are getting is clear. Make sure you’ve also considered editing and planning in your prices as both take time. Don’t forget about extras : they want nail polish? That’s time you’ll have to spend putting it on. They want you to be shaved for it when you usually don’t? Charge for it. In the end, the last thing you want is to feel resentful that you should have charged more. Your customer will feel it. You want to be excited about it.

Give yourself extra time. Do you think you’ll be done in 3 days? Tell your customer a week, and deliver it in 3 days! You’ll surprise them by being faster, and if anything happens they won’t be disappointed.

Follow Up With Them

Once it’s paid, it’s time to ask questions and ask questions again. At first, I felt so annoying, but I quickly saw the difference it makes. Often, you’ll receive a scenario and it could make a hundred different videos depending on what approach you take.You will often receive a scenario that could make a hundred different videos depending on what approach you take. The reality is your buyer might have a clearer idea than what they’re communicating. Talk with them. Ask questions. Make it a whole experience. There are plenty of content creators making customs but talking with my returning custom buyers, it became clear that not many take time with them. They were amazed by the level of care going into making sure they have what they had imagined. You want them to look at your custom and tell you it’s exactly what they had in mind. Be interested. What do they like? Do they prefer with or without makeup? A color of lipstick? Let’s say we are doing a foot fetish video. The only information you were given was “foot fetish” but by taking the time and asking questions you can get it 100% better. What do they like about feet? Is it the whole foot? The sole? The toes? The arch? Is there a POV they prefer? Do they prefer natural nails or painted ones? You want to be able to translate your customer’s mental picture into video. It might look simple but it’s quite a big task.

Think about how you feel when you receive free stuff or discounts and you weren’t expecting it. Nice feeling right? Do the same thing with customs. You want your buyers to come back for their next idea or to talk about you.  Add an extra minute, send them a discount on their next custom video, a free clip from a fetish you know they have.

The final step : Sending the finished product. Take the time to ask for their feedback. It will  help you improve, but also shows you care about them. That makes all the difference in our line of work.

This article was written for us by GabySea, if you’d like to contribute to the AP Lounge, please get in touch via email.

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