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Magdalena Tips for Selling Content

How to Sell Content

This will vary depending on which platforms you’re using for such. Try to do some research on the platforms you use and what tools for making money they provide you with.

When talking to customers or potential customers, ask them how they’re doing, what they think or would like to see in your platforms, what their kinks are and if any of that resonates with content you already have prepared, try to shift that conversation in a way where you end with an open ended question.

Example …

Customer “oh baby you have such a fantastic ass”
Model “well babe, would you like so see how it looks from behind?”
Or …
Model (insert short vague description of content you’re about to offer them that fits the conversation) and just send them a link to the video, or the photos, or send a locked message they have to pay to unlock (using APClips Premium Messages). Or, wait for a yes, and go on with “tip me $15 and I’ll show you how slutty I can be”.

If you start by saying “tip me and then bla bla” or use words like “pay” their brain will think about money first and if they can afford that, you don’t want that. Instead, lead on and hook with an open-ended question so they automatically reply yes and you will most likely close a sale.

Fans not contacting you first? Cool, use APClips Mass Messaging features with a SFW pic or preview and start the conversation like that.

Example : “My boobs seem to have gotten bigger/smaller this quarantine, what do you think?”. Wait for customer response and then, “no! You’re way off lol Tip me $5 and I’ll send you an uncensored picture/clip so you can get a better guess”

If they say no, just simply reply something sweet “ oh, babe, that’s alright that only means you’re having less fun today than you could” 😘

DON’T BE A DICK! Unless you’re definitely being disrespected or your boundaries are being crossed. Keep in mind some of your fans might not even share the same first language as you. Some people are shy and awkward and don’t know how to communicate well, if you have a doubt about what they’re requesting, simply ask what they mean, what they want and what their budget is. If their budget is too low, explain to them how much your rate and what you can offer them for their budget instead.

If someone requests something that is out of your comfort zone or your boundaries, you can either see a way to work around it, to a middle point or link them to another content creator that you would recommend and that will cater to those needs. They will remember that you were helpful and not catty about sharing a potential customer with another sex worker, and they will come back for you.

I also read about this very successful content creator who had a fan who explained that their kink was some roleplaying some rough scenes and they were interested in requesting such content from this model; she wasn’t comfortable with this at all, and instead offered her fan this option: reading a rough scene from a book in her underwear. The customer bought the counter offer! So, this is worth keeping in mind if you’re 100% certain that you are not doing X or Y thing – that’s perfect – but if you’re not sure, take a moment to think about how you could play around it, before giving an answer.

If you use the fantastic Built to Order video feature on APClips, you can even explicitly state what’s off-limits to you that customers see before they initiate a custom request.

This article was written for us by Magdalena, if you’d like to contribute to the AP Lounge, please get in touch via email.

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