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Magdalena Shares Some Tips for Making Content

Coming up with Ideas

I know coming up with ideas for content can be difficult and overwhelming, especially if you have limited amounts of toys and equipment. Keep in mind that pretty much anything you do can be marketed as alt-porn as long as you’re in your underwear or naked and, that, if you have a good phone camera and a good spot in your house where lighting is great, you’re golden!

Remember when I said “what’s your talent?” yeah, we go back to that. You play the violin? Get that violin and write an instructional video of how to play or how to keep your violin tuned ( idk I don’t play the violin lol, but you catch my drift) the most minimum, if keeps your content varied, unique and interesting and it’s something new fans will remember about you.

I studied bakery and pastry years ago and ran my own small catering business for years; to this day people still pay me for recipes or for me camming in my underwear or naked while I bake (chefs and cooks around the world, I feel your love and it’s appreciated! Haha)

Also, take behind the scene photos or videos of when you’re making content. Your camera got stuck? or Your cat jumped into the take? SAVE YOUR BLOOPERS! This will make your content keeping up your content and promotions on other platforms easier and, also, will once again make you seem more real and approachable to fans.

In these times, with Quarantine, a lot of us are pretty much stuck at home or if we go out is to walk our dogs, go buy food and then back home, right? Well, the other day I went out for such errands and I realized that because I left in a hurry, I didn’t put on any underwear…so, I had my partner take pics of me with my gloves, my mask and my bits. Real life events are just as sexy as your selfie with your cute undies and makeup, sometimes it’s even sexier because it’s “the real you” (whatever that means).

Also, I understand getting ready every day to make videos is quite annoying, but keep in mind two things : You can always make closeup photos or clips without your face on it (after all fans always love a good closeup or POV, so give it to them). And, when you are getting ready, I’ve found that if I do some lighter make up at the beginning, shoot some content, then go change my outfit maybe put on a thicker wing or a darker shade of lipstick then style my hair slightly different, it just looks all different, even if it was on the same day, and you can pick a different corner of your house.

Do you have any wall deco or art work you can hang around and take off easily? Any cool blankets or plain colored blankets you can use as a backdrop? Any candles and weird things laying around your house that will style your area? Play around with it, put things off, take things down, it will look different and it will not bore you or bore your fans.

Tidy Up!

When it comes to making content and putting together the area, PLEASE BE CLEAN. I cannot stress this enough, it really does bug me to purchase content and find that their bed looks like a mess or I can see their leftover takeout in a paper bag in the corner, and, I’ve also had customers that purchase other models content as well and will mention that they didn’t like to see the mess. So, put some effort into it, make the content worth the price you’re selling It for; edit and crop corners of your clips and photos if you must, but for the Lords sake, my friends, make it look clean and tidy. Even if the rest of your house looks like a bomb just went off, the area where you’re making content should be near to sacred.

Research Your Niche & Target Audience

Also, aren’t TBT fun? Don’t you LOVE seeing old clips and pics from your favorite artists and friends from years back or when they first began their career? Yes! So do your followers, new ones and old ones, want to know or be reminded of how it all began. So get into your old emails, old accounts, old projects, deleted/retired content… Post it on Thursdays! And try to sell it for a Promo price so they feel special, and you still make money of content that is otherwise just occupying space somewhere. It also just gives you a day off where you can just queque all your files and just breathe. It is important that you take care of yourself and still rest.

Research what’s popular right now on camming sites,mainstream porn, etc. Back in 2015 or 2016 I was camming very successfully and most my fans just expected me to paddle my butt til’ it was black and blue, or hitachi torture. I moved a couple times since then, and stopped camming, but back in 2018 or 2019, when I attempted it again, I realized the new thing was the toy that would vibrate at the sound of tips; if you didn’t have that toy you weren’t going to make money on the site I was using.

So, always research what’s going on and what people are into and see if you can cater to that. Also, research kinks fetishes and everything in between. You’d be surprise of how many fun and interesting things people are into, from simply you putting on lipstick, to smoking a cigarette, to sitting on balloons or wearing an adult diaper YOU CAN FIND A KINK that you can market and have fun capitalizing over.

One Session, Multiple Clips

If you make a clip where you’re giving oral POV and then proceed to have sex or whatever, I say you have 3 clips. One of you giving oral, another of you doing whatever, and the third is the complete clip. This allows you to make money multiple times off the same content; if someone only wants to see a POV BJ scene they’re purchase the shorter more affordable clip, if someone wants to see it all and wants a longer clip, they have it as well. This also allow you to divide all your content into different bundles more easily and you can have customer purchase bundles of what they’re most interested in.

This article was written for us by Magdalena, if you’d like to contribute to the AP Lounge, please get in touch via email.

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