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Community and Sex Work by SheGodClaire

Having a sense of community is one of the most valuable tools a performer can have in sex work. Although there is a misconception that content creators are all competing against each other the truth is that we are peers and often times friends. Seeing other adult content creators as potential friends fosters an environment for a positive support system, expanding creativity and personal fulfillment which can be essential tools for thriving in sex work both emotionally and financially.

Adult content creators have a completely unique life experience and therefore can understand and support each other in unique ways. We can express ourselves and seek advice from each other without the fear of judgment or rejection because of the graphic nature of our work. Our ability to be open and candid with each other in a validating and sex positive environment can create meaningful and lasting bonds of friendship that can fight the isolation of societal stigma.

Developing a support system of peers can also be a very lucrative decision. Creating content with friends brings fun and lightheartedness to a typical work day and can help attract new audiences to view our work. As friends, we can inspire each other during creative dry spells, we can encourage each other when motivation is low and we can help to build each other up in ways that are unique to the sex work experience. Each of us is equip with tools that we learned hands on from our time spent in the adult entertainment industry and by developing bonds we can share those tools and grow together as both individuals and a community.

We are a community of strong, open minded and creative people with so much to offer. We can understand each other in ways that others cannot. By seeking to come together as peers, friends and a family of sex workers we have much to gain for ourselves and our businesses.

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