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Weekend Bundle Sales Contest : $150 Prize

Weekend Bundle Sales Contest : $150 Prize

We had great success with our last BUNDLE SALES contest, so we’re kickin’ it up a notch.

The contest is simple :

The model with the TOP TOTAL IN?BUNDLE SALES (by income) from Friday May 5th @ 12pm (Noon) PST until Sunday (May 7th) @ 5pm PST WINS : your choice of either a $150 PayPal payment, or a $150 Amazon Gift Card.

Unlike recent contests, this is?not a raffle!?Also, clarification : this is based on the total amount of all bundles sold by each model. So, a model selling one 50-token bundle is equal to a model selling ten?5-token bundles.

Winners will be announced Monday, May 8th at 12pm (noon) PST.