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AP New Creator Spotlight : Maggie McMuffin

AP New Creator Spotlight : Maggie McMuffin
What is your stage name?
Maggie McMuffin
How did you get started making online content?
I’d worked for production companies before but until shelter in place happened I had never self produced explicit content (that wasn’t for custom orders). I work as a performer, sex worker, and gynecological teacher so overnight my jobs went away. I moved online to support myself.
What brought you to APClips?
I saw so many people recommending it and I liked how diverse the creators were. So when it came time to choose a clip selling platform I went with you guys.
What tips would you would share with fellow AP creators?
Do something every day. Mapping out a video idea, posting to social media, actually shooting, learning a new skill…just do at least one thing every day. I got that advice from another artist when I was in theatre school and it’s been useful for any sort of creative endeavor.
Do you have any advice/self care tips to balance your daily life?
I will often get into a hyper focused zone while working on stuff and then hours later be like ‘I am so hungry and my body hates me’ so I’m trying to take breaks and actual time off. Since I usually still feel the need to make SOMETHING I’ve started doing embroidery and collage. Stuff that I can’t monetize and have to do just for me. Plus it keeps me away from screens.
Do you have any pets? Feel free to share photos.
Yes! This is Avery. He has an instagram so you can see him all the time : @avery_everyday
What’s your favorite type of content to shoot?
Weird fetishes! I love when people come to me with custom requests for fetishes I haven’t experienced. That’s how I’ve learned about a lot of things I’m into. I’d never know how much I love sitting in cakes if someone hadn’t asked me to do it!
What’s a meme that describes you?
Anything revolving around the phrase ‘am baby’.
What does a normal day look like to you?
I’ve had to build a new normal since I went from living a varied and busy life in New York to sheltering in place in California. I usually wake up, do admin stuff on my phone, make a smoothie, tell my cat what a good baby he is, and then jump into whatever I’m making that day. If I have an online show I’ll take time during the day for me and prep for that. If I don’t, I’ll work during the day and then try to be done by the time my partner gets home from work so we can relax together.
Give us all your social media links!
Instagram: @maggie_mcmuffin
Twitter: @maggiemcmuff