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Weeklong $200 Mini Contest Raffle!

This is a special 1 week raffle-style contest. Raffle-style means the eligible winners will be put into a randomizer and the winning name gets the prize. Contest runs from?Tuesday Sep 5th at 12am (Midnight) PST until Tuesday Sep 12th at 12am (Midnight) PST. The prize

Mid-Week Mini-Contest Raffle : $200 Prize

It’s time for another mini-contest with the winner picked by raffle. The rules are simple : From Tuesday (July 18th) until Thursday (July 20th),?any model who sells 2 or more videos will be entered into a raffle to win $200, in your choice of PayPal,

June Sales Contest : $1000 Grand Prize

It’s time for another contest and it’s our biggest one yet. This will run throughout all of June 2017. Starting June 1, 2017 (Wednesday) @ Noon (12pm) PST and ending on June 30, 2017 @ Noon (12pm) PST, the Top 3 earners will win cash

1-Week Contest : WIN A Fuck Machine!

Ooooh do we have a fun contest this week. From Thursday May 18th at Noon (12pm) PST until the following Thursday May 24th at Noon (12pm) PST, the model with the HIGHEST OVERALL SALES for the period will win … A FULL-SIZE, HIGH-QUALITY, HAND-FORGED, AMERICAN-MADE

Weekend Sales Contest

It’s time for another Weekend Contest. Yay! The contest is simple : Any models that make over $20 in sales (including tips)?from Friday May 12th @ 10am?PST until Sunday (May 14th) @ 5pm PST are?eligible for a drawing to ?win your choice of either a

Week-Long Bundle Sales Contest : $200 prize

We’ve been doing more contests lately, mixing things up, and seeing how models and members respond. This time around, we want to get you excited about our new BUNDLING feature. The contest is simple : Any model who sells at least 3 bundles from now