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Evaluating & Optimizing Your Content Previews

Preview Reviews First impressions matter, or at least that is how the old adage goes. When a customer first finds you, they will judge your content based on the thumbnails and previews. You have merely seconds to make them WANT to convert over and become

AP Creator of the Month : InvaderNoodles

Welcome to AP Spotlight. Every month, we’ll pick an AP Creator of the Month and interview them, and they send us a little video intro with some quick tips for other AP Creators. For May, our AP Creator of the Month is InvaderNoodles Let’s meet them…

How to Evaluate Your APClips Profile

Evaluating Your Page Go to your page, no really, open it up as you read this. Give your page a quick scroll and a half. Go NO further. What do you see? This is about all a new customer will see when they come to

Say Hello to APClips 2.0

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, we’re unveiling a full-site redesign : APClips 2.0! Whether you’re an AP Creator or an AP Member, there’s plenty to enjoy in the new design. Our goal was to not just give it a modernized facelift, but to encourage

Welcome to Two Factor Authentication

Today, we’ve added Two Factor Authentication (TFA) for Creator accounts. When you login, you’ll be invited to enable it, but you can skip it and enable it later if you’d like. Below is a quick primer on the feature. What is Two Factor Authentication (TFA)?

5 Reasons AP Clips Should Be in Your Twitter Bio

This post comes to us by way of our new Model Outreach Coordinator Amberly Rothfield The power of AP Clips is the community running behind it. Positive, creator centric and well.. FUN! Creators here do not try to keep the community a secret or fear

Say Hello to Enhanced Messages

We’re excited to announce a whole load of new changes in the new year! Welcome to our new Enhanced Messaging system. Here’s just a sample of what’s now available to Creators. Check out our brief feature trailer, read details below, or dive into the documentation

Say Hello to the AP Shopping Cart!

Now your customers have a choice between using tokens or checking out directly via our new shopping cart! As an alternative to AP’s one-click token system, customers can instead add content (and tips! and votes!) directly to a “shopping cart” and checkout in usual shopping

Scheduled Auto Tweets Are Here

IMPORTANT : We will automatically tweet for you once a week starting Monday, October 7th – but you can disable or change this functionality at any time. Here’s the details… We know that tweets are one of the best ways for our APClips Creators to is Moving to

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! We are very pleased to announce something which AP creators have been requesting for quite some time : AmateurPorn. com is finally moving to APClips .com! Same site, same company, same people, SAME EVERYTHING! NEW NAME 🙂 IMPORTANT: All your links will