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Introducing Progressive Payouts on Content Sales

Introducing Progressive Payouts on Content Sales

Get Paid up to 80% on Content Sales!
80% on Sales over $800*
75% on Sales over $150*
70% Base Payout (no sales minimum)
* Based on your sales during current 2-week pay period. 

(includes Videos, Bundles, Tips, Customs, PhotoSets, and Premium Message sales). 

Note: This is for one-time sales only, and does not apply to our universal 80% FanClub payout, which remains unchanged. 

Big News! We’re trying something new!
Starting October 1st, we are moving to a new progressive payout format. 

Here’s how it works… 

Creators selling $150 or more during the 2 week pay-period will qualify for our new premium payout of 75%. 

Creators selling $800 or more during the 2 week pay-period will qualify for our new super-premium payout of 80%.

Our new base payout of 70% remains 10% higher than competing platforms, and we have set a relatively low and reasonable qualifying threshold for our 75% premium payout in order to ensure that as many AP creators as possible will qualify for it and continue to receive 75%. 

We’ve added a convenient status bar to creator dashboards so you can easily view your sales progress and see where you stand. 

Good News on Previous Balances: If you qualify for a premium payout rate during a given pay-period, the premium payout rate will also be applied to any previous balances carrying forward from previous periods. Previous balances do not count towards qualifying threshold, but will be paid-out at whichever payout level you qualify for during the current period. 

For example, if you sold $50 last pay-period (leaving a $50 unpaid balance in your account), but then sold $150 during the current period, you would qualify for the premium 75% payout rate which would be applied to the entire $200 balance. 🙂 

We hope the following will answer your questions, alleviate any concerns, and let everyone know why we’ve chosen to make this adjustment. We know this is VERY BIG NEWS, so we ask that you please take a moment to read thoughtfully… 

Why we’ve chosen a Progressive system

More creators than ever are using AP, and the success of widely adopted new features like FanClub and Premium Messaging are contributing to higher than ever storage, transcoding, and  bandwidth costs. We want to continue providing a superlative and feature-rich technical experience for everyone, and maintain our lightning-fast upload speeds which save creators’ precious time. 

Deciding on the best way to increase platform fees in order to offset these costs was not an easy task, but we feel this new progressive system is the most fair and equitable way to accomplish this. Here’s why we think so…

Unlike “closed-circuit” platforms (where there is no universal search, and exploration is discouraged or impossible), AP is an open marketplace platform. A Virtuous Circle. 

In any open marketplace, there are naturally both active and inactive (or passive) participants. The fans/customers who creators actively bring into the marketplace often create sales for other creators in the community, thus benefiting the marketplace and community as a whole. 

Because of this, we feel that rewarding individual sales performance will enhance the marketplace and ultimately benefit everyone. 

The Progressive Payout System is designed to accomplish 3 things

  1. Increase platform fee revenue to help offset AP’s rising storage, transcoding, and bandwidth costs. 
  2. Focus this fee increase, as much as possible, on sellers who are in the marketplace inactively (looking for passive sales only), so that as many active creators as possible can continue to receive our premium 75%+ clips payout. 
  3. Attract and Encourage creators at all levels to actively promote their AP offerings and bring new fans into the AP marketplace, by rewarding sales performance with progressively higher payouts. 

Essentially, our goal is to encourage, reward, and foster active participation in the AP community marketplace, attract new creators (and their fans), while ensuring that as many AP creators as possible will continue to receive 75% payout on content sales. 

For those creators who’s sales are under the $150 threshold, the maximum net payout difference (compared to 75%) will be around $8. 

If you are actively promoting your AP offerings, but aren’t quite able to reach the $150 sales level just yet… don’t worry, you’ll get there! The AP Creator Team and the AP Creator Community are always here to help you! We really mean this. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 🙂 

We considered many options in arriving at this decision. The primary alternative to this Progressive Payout system would have been to simply maintain a single universal payout and lower it to 65%. We felt that the Progressive Payout system was a far better and more sensible choice all-around, in that it allows more creators to continue receiving our 75% content-sales payout. 

While we can’t guarantee everyone a 75% payout anymore, we can promise everyone the best service, outstanding customer support, a base payout that is 5% higher than most competing platforms, a community that genuinely cares, and a Creator Team which will always look after creator’s best interests. 

On a final note, we are pleased to let you know that with this new system, all thresholds and payout rates are fully adjustable. This will allow us, for example, to set higher payouts for everyone at certain times… “Special Universal 90% Month” anyone? 🙂 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

We love and appreciate all of you so much, and we’re confident that the entire AP Creator Community will thrive with this new system, and continue to enjoy the highest payouts and the best service in the industry. Thank you so very much for your continued support and understanding, and for being part of this wonderful and amazing community. 

– the AP Team