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Say Hello to the AP Shopping Cart!

Say Hello to the AP Shopping Cart!

Now your customers have a choice between using tokens or checking out directly via our new shopping cart! As an alternative to AP’s one-click token system, customers can instead add content (and tips! and votes!) directly to a “shopping cart” and checkout in usual shopping cart fashion. For those of you whose customers were not big fans of tokens – this is a game-changer – so please let your customers know!

Here’s some graphics you can use on various social media platforms to promote your content and spread the word about the new shopping cart …

Whether your customers are buying 1 item or 100, whether it’s just $1 or $100 – carts offer a convenient checkout solution.

Customers can also “Save for Later” any items they’re not yet ready to buy, and move them back to their cart at any time in a single click.

We think your customers will love this new alternative way to shop on APClips. We?ll answer some of your basic questions in the FAQ below, but if you have any other comments or questions you can always shoot us an email :

Shopping Cart FAQ

Does this affect my sales or payouts?

Since we’ve always treated 1 Token = $1 USD for calculating your payout, nothing changes on your end. But now your customers have a choice to buy any of your content at face value without being charged our normal processing fee for smaller token packages.

Is there a limit to how much customers add to their cart at any one time?

There’s no limit on the number of items, but there is a total dollar value limit of $999.

Is there anything that can’t be added to a cart?

Customers cannot (currently) add Built to Order (BTO) Video requests.

How do customers pay for free items?

They would just click the “get it free” button. No tokens, no cart, just a simple click. Same as always.