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AP New Creator Spotlight : Chloe Manson

AP New Creator Spotlight : Chloe Manson

Welcome to our new feature New Creator Spotlight where we highlight an AP Creator that’s new to the platform and already doing great things.

First up is AP Creator Chloe Manson, let’s learn a little about them …

What is your stage name?
Chloe Manson

How did you get started making online content?
It all started with selfies and professional photos for marketing. Naive, I was frustrated with “freeloaders” and realized I needed to make the business decision to paywall my sexiest content. Fans started asking for longer clips, and they started and keep selling, so I didn’t stop. It also helps that it’s my favorite job I’ve had so far.

What brought you to APClips?
I was referred by the amazing Amberly Rothfield! The site is really easy to use — I’m liking it a lot so far!

What tips would you would share with fellow AP Creators?
Create as much content as possible without burning yourself out. Brainstorm, make sure you understand the psychology behind the topic you’re filming. Backlogs are also a great idea so you’re prepared for life’s hiccups, which is something I’m currently working on as well.

Do you have any advice/self care tips to balance your daily life?
Find your version of self care, and schedule it in a planner if you have to. Take breaks when working on the same task for a long time, and in between tasks. Be forgiving and patient with yourself, and find a way to make slow periods productive.

Do you have any pets?
My cat OJ unfortunately met his angel day on Valentine’s Day this year. He meant the absolute world to me, more than most people honestly, and I think of him every single day. I will love and miss my fluff monster forever.

What’s your favorite type of content to shoot?
I personally only shoot FemDom and BDSM content. I tried “vanilla” content and porn in the past, and I personally didn’t enjoy it. Within femdom, my specialties are ballbusting, chastity, financial domination (findom), and blackmail. My favorite is chastity — I genuinely want all cocks in cages.

What’s a meme that describes you?
I must admit, I am not too meme-savvy. I can’t even think of a meme off the top of my head. You tell me!

What does a normal day look like to you?
A normal day for me starts with admin work, followed by getting ready for the day. I usually film, edit, and take texts for the rest of the night until I decide to unwind. I don’t film every single day, so on my “off” days, I’m working on social media posts, sessioning, or running errands. I try to work out and see my friends and mom as much as possible.

Share some of your social media links
@thechloemanson on twitter
Chloe Manson Subreddit