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Madgalena Walks You Through Gaining & Interacting with New Followers


For those of you who don’t know me or haven’t seen me around I’m Magdalena. I also go by Baby Doom on certain platforms and some of you might have met me as Merlot back in I’m a dancer (stripper) and content maker and have been for the better part of the past 10 or 11 years. I started modeling nude for art projects when I was 18 and in my head, I thought I was “just making some dope art” and instead, a lot of people sexualized my photography and self-portraits and even, posted it on different platforms to, well, jerk off to for free; but that’s when I realized I could support myself in college and in life, while also supporting my “art projects” by selling it. Years after that it just grew into me modeling for online sites, selling premium accounts, camming, and just making content and texting it to customers through a burner phone or an email made JUST for networking. Until I got to Portland and decided to finally audition for a strip club and just do a bit of everything.

Considering how long I feel I’ve been doing this; I don’t have the biggest following when it comes to numbers, mostly because I’m not a very consistent person. My mental health and life in general, does not allow me to be. BUT I always do good with selling and promoting content, even if I’m inconsistent, because I’ve learned what works for me and my fans and also, luckily, I have VERY loyal fans. Wonderful supportive customers that have been purchasing my content since I first started and know that I will come back around to it, and they’re there waiting and rooting for me when I do.

So, if you’re like me, who can’t get passed 5k followers in social media regardless that you’ve been doing this for a fair amount of time, OR you’re just starting and feel like you’re competing in a saturated market with already very well-known internet models, consider that it’s not the quantity BUT the quality, truly, of your fans and that maybe it’s just time for you to re-invent yourself, your content, gain new followers, connect with old fans, and network. I promise you, that if you invest this Quarantine time in making content and promoting yourself you will see results and also keep making money after this is all done with and normalized. After all, everyone’s on a tight budget, but if they’re willing to pay for content NOW imagine how much more they’ll spend on you once everyone’s earnings go back to normal?

Gaining New Followers

This one can be a little tricky, because a lot of us have our personal settings on “private” for privacy concerns and other reasons. Also, it’s quite difficult to reach out when you can be banned easily, right? Well, if you’re promoting sites like APClips for example, don’t write it as it is, instead encrypt your words so you don’t get flagged. Example : “@pclip$(.)com”

Try to use hashtags that aren’t banned so you reach a broader audience. If you cook, pole dance, do yoga, walk animals, dance, sing, WHATEVER your talent is, try to do a cute Instagram TV video and make it public so people who browse just because, find you and follow you. Same goes for Twitter and other media platforms. I’ve heard reddit is really good for promoting from some of my sex worker friends, but I still haven’t tried it myself.

Also, try to make a more “SFW” or “PG/PG13” social media platform so you can post teasers of what your NSFW one is all about and link them. For example, you have a new photo-set on APClips or a new video, make a lil’ clip where you’re still dressed or in ur underwear, or take one good sfw pic that you can promote and link to your paying content.

If you have the means, and it suits your work, you can pay for a day or two of promoting your previews on other platforms so it reaches a broader audience. I know this sounds expensive, but in reality, is less expensive than that new outfit you’re trying to buy for a video, or that new toy you want but you can finesse out of a customer instead.

Also, network with other sex workers. I’m not telling you to be a suck up or send endless messages to sex workers and annoy them; remember even if they’re online we’re all probably working and hustling our content, but if you have a connection with another sex worker online and you talk, or comment on each other’s post, reach out. Always offer to compensate them for their time and their help if you’re going to ask for tips or mentoring, but also, just reach out about maybe a shout-out or how they gained their followers, research what hashtags they use, where they post their links, purchase content occasionally from content creators you admire or follow and see for yourself what makes them successful, just study and network and be nice.

The beauty about this industry, to me, has been –apart from being my own boss and working on my own schedule- learning and bonding and creating and supporting other sex workers that have either just started or have been doing it for longer than me and are successful.

How to interact with your fans in a way that leads to them spending money on you

It doesn’t matter if your sex work persona is entirely different to who you are in real life. We are all still people, who are selling a service a product and fantasy, but we are still human beings who eat, go places, have lives offline. To the extent to which you’re comfortable, let them into your life. Made up or not. This means, share. Don’t over share, but share. Seem human, seem approachable, be kind. Some people really want to connect with their fantasy in a human way, some customers really want to pay to just walk to you rather than see you in lewd acts.

I know it sounds weird, but a lot of your fans and customers are probably lonely, or feel ashamed of their bodies, or kinks. They want to feel like if maybe, just maybe, if you two were in the same zipcode you could be together or really be friends, or be their sexy nurse or understanding psychologist, they will fantasize with you, but they want that human connection and that’s where your personality and networking is as important as your content quality.

Have mental health issues that you feel comfortable with sharing, without OVER sharing? Yes! Let your fans know you’re feeling a bit anxious or sad. If you’re happy and you’re excited about something. You found a funny meme and it cracked you up or your pet did something hilarious? SHARE IT! You have goals, a store you want to open, a student debt you want to pay, a car you want to purchase, a program you want to attend? Tell them about it! Fans tend to be pretty competitive and more often than not they want to feel like they’re part of your success, so invite them to do so.

Don’t have any of these in mind or set for the near future? It’s fine, just make it up or have them tip you for a “trip somewhere so you can go on vacation and make content” It doesn’t matter, just come up with something that they’ll want to feel like they’re a part of.  Opening up will also help fans approach you and that’s where you network and sell content.

Also, set up a Wishlist and make it possible for fans to pamper you and exchange gifts for content. At the ends of the day, some people would rather get you something material than straight up give you money.

This article was written for us by Magdalena, if you’d like to contribute to the AP Lounge, please get in touch via email.

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