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TricksTreats Shares Promotional Tips

It can be hard to build and grow an audience as a content creator. Many creators you may look up to likely already have an established fanbase. When you’re just beginning, it can seem impossible to ever attract views or sales. Guess what? Everyone has to start with nothing. With some resourcefulness and hard work, you can make your audience grow and stay with you. While the recent crackdown on NSFW content on social media has made it more difficult to promote, it isn’t impossible if you know where to look and what to do.


Twitter is one of the more popular sites for sex workers to promote themselves despite recent policy tightening on NSFW content. However, most of their rules are fairly simple to follow, such as marking NSFW profiles as such, and keeping avatars and headers from having explicit content. With that being said, even content creators who do follow the rules perfectly are sometimes suddenly banned at random. It’s good to make a backup account in case this happens to you. You can maximize your Twitter reach by joining retweet groups. The base concept is that in exchange for promoting others’ content, they share yours. It’s a good way to gain exposure from those who have more followers.


While many of Reddit’s most popular forums or ‘subreddits’ are safe for work, there’s a large community consuming porn through the site. You may be required to verify yourself before posting on certain subreddits by showing your ID to prove you are of age. Don’t feel like you need to give away free photos or videos; feel free to post censored teasers linking to your paid, uncensored content.


Ourotica is a new, fairly small site that is entirely dedicated to erotic photo sharing. Its setup is similar to Instagram. To draw attention to your content, put links to your profiles in the description of your photos. Ourotica may not be the biggest site, but it has a dedicated and growing fanbase, and takes little time to upload to every once in a while.

Reaching Out

Regardless of what site you use, one of the best things you can do is reach out to fellow content creators for tips. Many people are happy to talk you through anything you may be confused on, or share helpful advice they wish they had known. Some people are willing to do promo-for-promos, where you link to their profile in return for them linking to yours.


Once you have an audience, no matter how small, how do you make them stay? Give them something worth coming back for. Reply to comments from fans; you don’t need to offer free content or services, just be genuine and appreciative. Send thank-you messages for purchases, especially large purchases. Make it clear how much you value your customers and their contributions.

As with any business, growing an audience takes time and lots of hard work. Don’t worry if you aren’t getting thousands of views on your videos immediately – you can still get there. Though posting on clip sites isn’t a typical vanilla job, it unfortunately comes along with as much, if not more, elbow grease required to promote yourself. But with a strong voice on social media and connections in the community, you can give yourself a head start.

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