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5 Reasons AP Clips Should Be in Your Twitter Bio

5 Reasons AP Clips Should Be in Your Twitter Bio

This post comes to us by way of our new Model Outreach Coordinator Amberly Rothfield

The power of AP Clips is the community running behind it. Positive, creator centric and well.. FUN! Creators here do not try to keep the community a secret or fear competition, they embrace new artists and welcome them into the fold. For this reason, a new campaign starts today!

AP Clips embraces the idea of diversification of your business model but many creators forget to put AP Clips right long side other sites in their Twitter bio. This means any fan who seeks out your bio may not become aware of the blossoming site. The old saying “A rising tide lifts all boats” is beyond applicable here. If we want APClips to grow, we all need to make a concerted effort to push the place we have grown to love (don’t worry, the team behind the scenes are also working tirelessly for the same goal!).

How does putting in your Twitter bio really help everyone but especially you though? Let’s take a look!

1. Your Endorsement = Clicks

We already went over how it helps spread fan awareness but jumping in a bit deeper we can see why this helps more. Fans are very curious about new sites. Curiosity is a great thing and when they see another option, they are more likely to check it out. We as content creators tend to be skeptical of new sites but fans and customers follow our recommendations. If you love this community and show your audience that you do, they will go off your influence and convert as well. Your endorsement is really all most of your fans need.

2. Higher Payout Percentage

Did you see a 75% payout? Yes, yes you did. That is pretty dang high ESPECIALLY for a budding clip site. Not saying to take another store out of your bio but it is wise to put up the highest paying sites that you are on in your bio. Direct your hard-earned fan base to where you will get paid the most at and appreciated the most. It simply makes the most financial sense. Consider yourself an influencer, your fans will go where you direct them. Especially if you have super fans! Leverage your influence to get yourself paid more and in a place where you know you are appreciated.

3. Higher Social Media Conversion Rates

APClips has incredible conversion rates on social media traffic. Customers like the flow of the site. The straight forward and customer-friendly environment make it easy for clients to find your content and buy it. This means more your engagement on social media is worth more as you will make more as clients purchase more of your content. This is a layout that works for you to get fans’ money to you faster. Current website conversion studies show that you have 3 seconds for a customer to decide what they want to buy. Help your customers get to a place that will foster and encourage them to do the same.

4. Fair & Frequent Contests

Contests, contests, contests! Not only are they fun but the prizes are great! Furthermore, with a smaller pool of competitors, you have a far HIGHER chance of winning. Join in with a community that cheers you on even though they are running beside you. It really is a tribal feel to the community. The contests are frequent and putting your link or even just mentioning AP clips in your bio will allow clients to then go help you place. Those bonuses really add up! Encourage your fans to support you in the contests and watch yourself climb up those ranks.

5. Early Adopters Reap the Biggest Benefits

Similar to the last point but still worth mentioning, there is less cannibalization going on. No! We aren’t talking about eating people but rather with a smaller creator pool, your traffic stays more with you and you get more benefit from fellow creators. You stand to be an early adopter and get to grow WITH the site rather than coming in later once it is established. The traffic you bring in now will stay with you more, rather than dispersing to creators who are so well established and hard for newer creators to ascend too. Putting APClips in your bio now means you will be considered an OG and stable in a growing community that is taking big steps in 2020!

…And a Bonus Reason

BONUS Reasons? Yup, there is an additional reason you should consider putting APClips in your Twitter bio. It helps show us how many super fans we have! It goes a long way for any company to see the heartwarming support of their group. We do not view you as just creators but our family. As a family, every milestone we hit we ensure the benefits are passed on to all of us. This push will get more fans to see how awesome we are, how diverse our group is and how much our creators are loved.