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How to Evaluate Your APClips Profile

How to Evaluate Your APClips Profile

Evaluating Your Page

Go to your page, no really, open it up as you read this. Give your page a quick scroll and a half. Go NO further. What do you see? This is about all a new customer will see when they come to a new person’s store.

As clip creators, we have a very limited time in which we can capture the attention of a new customer and convert them. We know that things like price, thumbnail and titling affect our sales but there are some other factors that we do not always keep in mind.

Clip Length

Are your clips around the same length? If not why? It makes sense if you have some behind the scenes footage that aren’t are uniformed length. Content that is of a similar niche though, should have some sort of uniformity to it. It doesn’t need to be exact but this also helps in creating pricing, more on that next!

This helps with the feel and flow of your clip stores and makes customers feel more trusting of you as a creator. It may seem like a minor thing but it has a great impact on your bottom line!

Pricing Continuity

Everything doesn’t have to be the same price but your per minute rate should be very consistent. I can not tell you how many models that I go through, have this same issue. One clip will be of a similar quality and no elaborate editing. Nothing wrong so far! Coming in at 20 minutes long, the price maybe about $25. We are still in a reasonable zone.

The next clip though, will be 5 minutes and will be $40. Now I am not here to price shame. I personally do not care if someone likes to charge more for certain clips but create a guide for your brand. If it is this niche, the price per minute is X. Stick to this. You can have varying prices but if content seems similar from an outward glance (all a new customer will have) and the price seems eerily marked up for no reason, you will see push back.

The Biggest Issue : What DO you do?

It is not enough just to create adult content, at least for many of us. We have to cater to certain audiences. If on the first scroll and half, there is no theme to the type of content that you create, you are letting your target audience slip through your fingers. 

Plan your releases and visualize what they will look like on your page. Will a scroll and a half accurately show the types of content that you create? Start with your target audience and work backwards. What would they want to see right off the bat. That doesn’t mean you can only produce in one area but if there is a particular niche you cater more too, ensure that niche is always showing in the scroll. If it isn’t you are missing out on growing your fan base by a large margin.

This method also sells you more content with your repeat clients. Not all clients buy every thing we produce but if we ensure that the stuff we wish to be known for/are known for are at the forefront, we can ensure they will continuously come back. Afterall, we scratch their itch!

If you keep the above in mind when planning your content and releasing it, you will find that your clip sales climb higher and higher. Planning your content as products, treating this as your business and managing your inventories outward look will help you stand the test of time!