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Getting Into Cosplay Content by Kit Kendal

Cosplay is such a widely loved and appreciated aspect of media and content creation, and there’s so many ways you can monetize this fun hobby. Whether you’re a casual cosplayer, lewd or erotic, or an extreme accuracy type of cosplayer, the community loves to see the creativity brought into bringing their favorite characters to life.

Cosplay is for everyone, there are no exclusions. Every gender, race, body type, should be able to celebrate themselves and dress up. At the end of the day we are dressing up as made up characters because its FUN. There are so many ways to use the hobby in content creation.

“But I’m not good enough to cosplay” FALSE. Anyone is good enough to achieve anything they put their mind to. Yes, cosplay can be an expensive hobby at times, so find a way to budget and monetize the hobby. I started cosplay by hand sewing scraps of clothes and bed sheets together and going to thrift shops. At one point I was such a regular at the craft store, they knew my name, cosplay I was working on, and when my next event was. There is no standard you have to keep yourself to with cosplay. If you want to put on a wig and some cute lingerie and call yourself a character, good! If you want to spend hours searching the characters details and making every last part, great!

Picking Characters

The way I suggest brainstorming content is to think about the character’s aspects. What are the main qualities of their personality? What kind of interests does this character have? Was a side of their love life shown in canon? Those things in mind, the possibilities are endless.

Another way to chose a character for content is based on popularity. There will always be fan favorites. Yes, it’s been done over and over, why? Because it works! There’s no shame in putting a new twist on a popular character. If you keep up with current seasonal shows and movies, another good idea is to see what’s coming out soon, or what’s airing now, and create content based on that!

Let your creativity flow through your content creation! Anyone and everyone can do it, do don’t hold yourself back from something you might really enjoy! Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do! You got this!

This article was written for us by Kit Kendal, if you’d like to contribute to the AP Lounge, please get in touch via email.

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